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Mattress Retainer and Hardware

Item# 10HS980082loop
Price: $35

Dual Base Attachment Kit - (2pcs.)

Item# 10HS980088DBATTACH
Price: $35

Wired Hand Control C10

Item# 20ACLNwired10
Price: $30

Wired Hand Control B20

Item# 20ACLNwired20HC12
Price: $45

Wired Hand Control S80 \/ G90

Item# 20ACLNwired8090
Price: $58

Battery Power Down Connector (*Select Models Only)

Item# 20LNpowerdown
Price: $28

Wireless Hand Control B24

Item# 20LNRF24R
Price: $50

Wireless Hand Control S84

Item# 20LNRF84R
Price: $60

Wireless Hand Control G94

Item# 20LNRF94R
Price: $70

Sync Kit-(Coupler not shown) (*Select Models Only)

Price: $32

Screw in Nylon Glide- Set (4)

Item# AC2inGT
Price: $25

Non- Slip Caster Cups- Set (4)

Item# ACcasterCups4
Price: $25

Screw in Leg - Set (4)

Item# ACHS2inleg4pack
Price: $35

Screw in Leg - Set (4)

Item# ACHS4inleg4Pack
Price: $55

Footboard Bracket Kit (*Select Models Only)

Item# ACHS980073FB
Price: $57

Headboard Bracket Kit

Item# ACHS980074HB
Price: $55

Heavy Duty Locking Caster - Set (4)

Item# ACHScaster238
Price: $25


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